China Fansign / Video Call Application

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5
Send in your request above with fansign/video call detailsReceive the first quotation via kakaotalkMake payment before the application deadlineThe application will be done after payment is received! Application proof shot will be sent after purchase.2nd quotation for shipping fees will be sent upon receiving the package.


Online Application: 5% Service Charge

1st Payment: Fansign/Video Call Price + Online Service Charge
2nd Payment: Shipping fees to your country + Service Charge ($2.50SGD / kg)

Additional service like removal of photocard from the album is possible, additional charges apply.
2nd Payment is not required if you’re sending the albums directly to another address instead of our warehouse.

Albums will be sent from CHINA to KOREA, then KOREA to you.


  1. EMS
  2. EMS Premium
  3. Qxpress (only for Singapore, Malaysia, Japan)
  4. Korea Domestic Shipping
  5. Airmail
  6. Registered Air
    Airmail and registered air are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.


  1. BOBKR will only help in the application, will not be responsible if you’re not selected as it’s lottery-based.
  2. No refunds allowed once application is done.
  3. Personal information such as FULL NAME / BIRTHDAY / WECHAT ID / PASSPORT NUMBER / CONTACT NUMBER will be collected to apply the fansign/video call. Information will be destroyed after application is done.
  4. BOBKR will not be responsible for any wrong information provided/given by you.
  5. BOBKR will not be responsible for any missing contents/albums that was dispatched from the fansign/video call hosting company.


  1. Payment must be made via SGD
    — Singapore: Bank Transfer / iBanking / Paynow / Paylah!
    Bank deposit is NOT accepted
    — Overseas: PayPal/Wise ONLY
  2. Items will be stored for free for 30 days, subsequently charge by $0.50 a day.
  3. BOBKR will not be responsible for any taxation issues for your country.
  4. Albums will be disposed without notice if there’s no reply after 30 days.